What this site is about

2012-04-09_08-04-47_281 - CopyThe long and short of this website is that I hope to encourage others to enjoy the sights available for anyone throughout this great world. One of the ways to make this happen is looking at the photos on this site. You can look at all of the photos, and if you want to you can create a nice calendar and print it out on your computer. The way you do this is, first, download the calendar printing software. It is free, works real well and has been checked for malware and other nasty computer stuff. After downloading the software, pick out 12 photos you like, check out, you have to have a paypal account, sorry, then download the photos and print them as a calendar. Background: I started riding motorcycles in 1964. My first bike was a 500 cc English single. The engine was in three boxes. Eventually I got it running and rode it for about a year. To say that it was a piece of junk would be unfair to junk. Since that time, except for one year when I was on an all expense paid Sabbatical to South East Asia, I have been riding. Over the years I have come to realize there are two types of motorcycle riders. There are riders and there are owners. Riders ride because they enjoy riding the bike and the type of bike is not all that important. As you go through this site's photos you will notice many different types of bikes. They have mostly done their job, namely getting me to where I wanted to go. Owners identify with the type of bike and style of riding and any riding of the bike is secondary. You can find the owners in a bunch of different places, usually taking about all of the riding they are going to do. I will leave it to you to figure out which you are. Over the years I have many aha moments. One was in 1969 when I bought my first Honda, a CB 450 and realizedIMG_0691 that motorcycles do not have to leak oil, have very questionable electrics and die at less than 20,000 miles. Another was in 1973 when I got my first BMW and realized there was something much better than a chain. Then came 1975 and my first Belstaff suit. Going from leather to something that actually would keep you dry and warm, sort of, was great. The last one I will mention was when I got my first Gerbing jacket liner and gloves. I rode to Denver on Christmas Eve and even though the temperature was less than 20 I was warm. I don't know how many miles I have ridden. I tell everyone it is at least 500, 000, possibly 750,000 but probably not 1,000.000. Long enough to learn a few things with a lot left to learn. During this almost 50 years of motorcycle riding I have traveled a bunch of roads, some good, some not, and taken a bunch of photos. As of this date, April 2016, I have ridden a motorcycle through 49 states (sorry Hawaii), every Canadian province and territory including NIMG_0799ewfoundland and Labrador, into Mexico as far south as Acapulco, including both coasts. In 2015 my daughter, son-in-law and I flew into Siagon (Ho Chi Minh City) and spent two very enjoyable weeks riding 250cc Hondas to Hanoi. This year the same daughter and I met in Phnom Penh Cambodia and again took two enjoyable weeks, again on 250cc Hondas, riding around that county. Within this website are some of those photos. All of these photos were taken from the road and can be seen by anyone with the yen to do some riding. Obviously some states have more photos than others, and some states have none. This has more to do with the time I had available to poke around and see what is there than any statement on what is there. I have found that there are interesting things to see everywhere, you just have to be curious, stick your nose out and take a look. I should point out that I stay away from large cities and interstates every chance I get. IMG_1665It will be obvious that I am not a professional photographer, however, I have very much enjoyed these rides and I hope that by sharing these photos I can encourage others to get on their motorcycle and hit the road and have as much fun as I have had. If you want to put some of these photos on you wall you can do so in the form of a calendar. Just pick out any 12 of the photos and follow the instruction. Also, on different pages will be reports on roads and rides throughout the countries. The road write ups and photos will change over time as I am still on the move. If you have the time give them a read. Get curious and head out, not with a destination, but a direction. As an ending note, I will be adding photos and reports to this site on an irregular basis so check back from time to time.