Ride Reports

Over the years I have taken many rides. I have taken at least one trip every year.

Dempster 09 076Depending on the time and finances available the rides have varied greatly. More times than I care to remember my motels have been picnic benches along side the road. The rides have all been good, some just better than others.

Eventually I got to the point that I was doing a write up on my rides and sending them to family and friends. In these pages you will find these write ups. Give them a read, while I don't lay any claim to being a great writer, I try to make them readable, informative and entertaining. There are photos in the reports, to see a larger version, click on the photo.

Hopefully one or more of the trip reports will give you  the urge to plan a trip and hit the road.

Ride Reports

 Yellowstone, Tetons and Crater Lake             

The Athabascan Adventure 2017

 Savannah revisited winter 2013-14                   Winter Ride 2016

 To The Canadian Shield and Beyond

The Ride Goes On Forever, This time, Key West           

Up The Dempster to Inuvik

North To Alaska                                                                                     

The Viking Tour, Labrador/Newfoundland

The North East Color Tour                                                             

The Dead Tate/Woodland Tour

The Western Wander Tour                                                             

Two Spring Marches

The Death Valley Ice and Snow Tour                                          

The Fly Geyser Tour 2014

The Relocation Tour Winter 2013/14

Labrador 2014

Saigon to Hanoi, Vietnam 2015

The Cambodian Excursion 2016

Crater Lake Revisited

2017 Year End Ride